If you believe that, due to your family's financial situation or other special circumstances, LMU Financial Aid should reevaluate your financial aid offer, you may file a financial aid appeal. Before submitting a financial aid appeal, please review the information below, regarding types of appeals, the potential outcomes, and the appeal process and timelines. 

How to File an Appeal

Fall 2024 Admitted Prospective Students

  • Admitted Student Appeal Form - for prospective students who have already been admitted to LMU, you can file an appeal for additional financial aid (including merit scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans) using the link to our Appeal form. Make sure to use your Future Lions/Admissions portal login credentials to complete the form.

Current/Continuing Students (including students entering in Spring 2024)

  • Appeal eForm - for current or continuing undergraduate students only.  Make sure to use your MyLMU login credentials to complete the form.

What is a Financial Aid Appeal?

A financial aid appeal is a formal request to LMU Financial Aid to reconsider or reevaluate you and/or your family’s financial concerns or other special circumstances that may have an impact on your financial aid offer. If you believe that you or your family's circumstances may allow you to submit an appeal, please access and review the following appeal qualification information within this section:

Potential Appeal Outcomes

Your financial aid offer will include the maximum federal, state, and institutional aid for which you are eligible. We cannot guarantee that the submission of an appeal will result in an increase to your aid offer. Even if approved, an appeal may result only in revisions to federal or state aid programs.

Appeal Decision Communication

Prospective students will be notified of appeal decisions via email.  Prospective parents will receive a copy of the appeal decision email if the parent's email address is included with the appeal submitted through our appeal form.  Current/continuing LMU students will receive notification of their appeal decision in PROWL.

Appeals Not Processed by LMU Financial Aid

Please note that appeals related to the Cal Grant are not processed by LMU Financial Aid and must be addressed to the California Student Aid Commission. Please visit the Cal Grant Appeals website for more information.

If you have any questions about your appeal eligibility or the appeals process, we invite you to email us

Submitting Supporting Documents

You are able to submit documents along with your appeal using the Appeal eForm.  If you need to provide additional documentation, please refer to our Secure Document Upload page regarding how to submit documents to our office.

Appeals and all supporting documents for the current academic year must be submitted to our office no later than 15 business days before the end of the Spring semester to be reviewed prior to the end of the academic year.