Special Programs

Financial Aid is available for students participating in special programs. If you are applying to one of the programs listed below, please review the section for information about available financial aid and eligibility requirements. Please contact our office if you have any questions at finaid@lmu.edu or 310-338-2753.

  • Beginning in Spring 2019, Loyola Marymount University and Otis College of Art and Design have entered into an agreement by which LMU students may be eligible to enroll in courses at Otis and have those courses satisfy degree requirements at LMU, and vice-versa for Otis College students.

    For the purposes of financial aid eligibility, this agreement is known as a “Blanket Consortium” agreement and students participating in this program will not be required to complete an individual Financial Aid Consortium Agreement. LMU students who enroll in courses at Otis College will continue to have their financial aid (including eligibility determinations, packaging, disbursements, refunds, SAP, and enrollment reporting) managed by LMU as their Home Institution. Otis College students who enroll in courses at LMU will have their financial aid managed by Otis as their Home Institution.

    If you are participating or intend to participate in this program, please review the Financial Aid rules and disclosures below, and please contact the Financial Aid Office at your Home Institution if you have any questions about whether your financial aid award will be affected by participation in this program.

    Loyola Marymount University – Otis College of Art and Design Consortium Agreement

    1. The Home Institution is the institution at which the student has been admitted for degree-seeking enrollment, and at which the student will receive her degree or certificate within an eligible program of study. 
    2. The Host Institution is the other institution (Otis College of Art and Design or Loyola Marymount University) where the student enrolls in coursework that is applicable to the degree requirements at the student’s Home Institution. The Home and Host Institution will count all coursework (credit hours) taken at the Host Institution toward federal, state, and institutional financial aid eligibility on the same basis as coursework taken at the Home Institution, as long as coursework at the Host Institution is applicable toward the degree requirements of the Home Institution. 
    3. The Home Institution shall be solely responsible for the collection of all tuition and fees associated with student enrollment. Students enrolled in course units at the Host Institution are responsible for making payment of tuition and any associated fees at their Home Institution. The Host Institution will not collect any tuition or other fees from students enrolled in cross-listed courses. Students enrolled in a total of twelve or more credit hours across both the Home and Host Institution will be charged full-time tuition at the home institution. Students enrolled part-time will be charged at the published per-unit rate by the Home Institution.
    4. The Home Institution will be responsible for tracking student enrollment at both the Home and Host Institution and will be responsible for reporting the student’s combined enrollment to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).
    5. The Home Institution will solely determine student eligibility for financial aid and monitor student eligibility. 
    6. The Home Institution will determine eligibility, calculate awards, and disburse aid based on the combined enrollment of participating students at both the Home and Host Institution. 
    7. The Home Institution will be responsible for monitoring any withdrawals and managing the Return of Title IV funds for students who withdraw from courses. Students who are enrolled at both the Home and Host Institution must follow the withdrawal process dictated by their Home Institution.
    8. For the administration of federal, state, or institutional financial aid, any responsibility not specifically delineated in this agreement will reside with the Home Institution.