Examples of Circumstances that May Be Considered

-A change in the income reported on the FAFSA due to :

  • parent (s), student now unemployed
  • parent (s), student has new lower earning job or now working part-time
  • parent (s), student are separated or have filed for divorce

-Medical expenses you (or your parent – if dependent) “paid” in FAFSA tax year that exceeded 11% of adjusted gross income.

-Private school expenses for younger siblings of dependent students. Maximum considered to reduce parent income for K-8 is $9,000 and $20,000 for high school per child.

-Death of parent (or spouse if an independent student)

-Loss of financial aid you previously received due to federal or state regulatory changes. Important Notice: Decisions on appeals due to loss of federal or state financial aid due will not be made until early August.

-Request to be considered as an independent student.

-Request to increase the student’s cost of attendance (COA) due to:

  • special course expenses
  • disability expenses
  • one-time computer purchase
  • study abroad travel expenses
  • on-campus housing fee is greater than the “Average Room & Board” amount included in the Cost of Attendance

NOTE: Approval of an increase to the student cost of attendance (COA) may increase student or parent eligibility for federal or private loans or allow outside resources to be received without reducing existing financial aid awards. An increase to the COA will not result in additional institutional grant or scholarship aid to cover the expense.

You will be required to submit documentation in support of this change in financial circumstances. This can include parent (if applicable) and student tax returns and any additional forms or documentation to support your request.