Examples of Circumstances that May Not Be Considered

  • Request to match the financial aid offer from another school
  • Parking fees on or off-campus
  • Increased mortgage expenses
  • High consumer or business debt
  • Failed business or real estate ventures
  • Parent attending college
  • Inability to liquidate assets
  • Request for assistance with a balance owed for a prior academic year
  • Request to exclude stepparent income on your FAFSA
  • Parents refuse to contribute to the student's education
  • Parents re unwilling to provide information of the FAFSA or for verification
  • Parents do not claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes
  • Students demonstrates total self-sufficiency
  • A school is not obligated to exercise professional judgment for a student because a professional judgment was conducted at another school

If your situation does not meet the above reasons to file an appeal:

  • Consider whether you can reduce your college expenses by commuting rather than living on-campus.
  • Consider financing using the Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) loan. We recommend that you carefully consider the amount that is feasible for your family to borrow annually to assist with college expenses that are not met by your financial aid award or other resources. A family should consider the addition of the monthly PLUS payments to their current and future family expenses. A family should also consider the maximum monthly loan payments if it would be necessary to borrow the same amount for 4 years. The College Board provides a calculator to assist parents determine their borrowing capacity and calculate monthly PLUS Loan repayment.
  • Consider attending a lower-cost school for 1 or 2 years and re-applying as a transfer student to reduce the total cost for your undergraduate degree. If this is an option you would consider, make sure to meet with an admissions counselor to discuss transferable coursework, transfer policy and procedures.

If you are unsure if your situation warrants an appeal, you may contact us to speak with one of our financial aid counselors.