Financial aid eligibility for studying abroad is determined by the type of study abroad program you attend, as well as the type of financial aid you receive. Only students who will earn a degree at LMU are eligible.

LMU Study Abroad Programs are those for which you are eligible to receive units and grades that will be counted in your LMU cumulative grade point average.

Affiliate and Exchange Study Abroad Programs are Non-LMU programs provided by another University or college and you only receive transfer units towards your LMU academic record. Grades will appear on the transcript from the affiliate program, but these grades will not be included in your LMU cumulative grade point average.  Additional instructions to ensure your financial aid can be used at the other institution are list below.  A study abroad program for which you will not receive transfer units or grades at LMU is not eligible for any financial aid funds.

You are required to meet with a financial aid counselor prior to departure. Please note that your Study Abroad will not be signed if you have missing Financial Aid requirements

Students enrolled in the study-abroad program must meet the same financial aid as students enrolled in the LMU campus. Students must achieve a minimum 2.0-grade point average in their study abroad coursework and complete a minimum of 10 units if enrolled full-time. An official transcript must be forwarded to LMU’s Registrar’s Office upon completion of study abroad coursework. Until transcripts have been received, a hold will be placed on the disbursement of financial aid for the next term of enrollment.  

If you study abroad during the spring semester, you are required to complete and submit all required financial aid documents by the required deadlines to apply for financial aid for the next academic year.

You are required to notify the Study Abroad Office in writing if you decide to withdraw from your study abroad program.

Please make sure that your Financial Aid Requirements are met before meeting with a Counselor

Summer Financial Aid can be used for Summer Study Abroad. Scholarships may be availed through Study Abroad. You may apply for Alternative Loans and the Federal Parent Plus Loan. Federal Direct Loans are only available if you did not reach your yearly maximum amount.

  • Freshmen: $3500
  • Sophomore: $4500
  • Junior and Senior: $5500

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan $2000 for all Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior levels.