Types of Appeal

Select the section below that most closely relates to your appeal circumstance. 

  • If total income is expected to be less in the current year than the income reported on the FAFSA you may submit an appeal based on a reduced income. 

    Circumstances that warrant this type of appeal

    • Reduction in income due to change in employment or loss of a source of income
    • Divorce or Separation
    • Unemployment
    • Death of parent (or student spouse)
    • Other

    Types of Documentation Required

    In all cases:

    • Appeal and Special Circumstances Form
    • LMU requires that all appeals based on a change in income have FAFSA income confirmed by parent and/or student updating FAFSA income with IRS federal tax data using the IRS Data Retrieval Process or submitting an IRS tax transcript to the financial aid office.  If you are submitting a 1040 tax form, make sure the form is signed and dated before submitting it.

    Documentation specific to circumstances:

    • Letter of termination from employment, layoff notice, a final pay stub showing year-to-date earnings, documentation of unemployment benefits expected or currently receiving.
    • Documentation of new employer and a current paystub
    • Copy of divorce decree or notice of filing for legal separation.
    • Copy of Death Certificate
    • Other documentation based on circumstances
  • Reasons/Scenarios that Warrant this Type of Appeal

    • Elder care expenses can be considered only if the elder is not already reported in the family size on the FAFSA.  We do not consider elder expenses paid to other family members.
    • Medical -must be paid medical expenses that exceed 11% of adjusted gross income to be considered.
    • Private elementary or secondary tuition for younger siblings.

    For the 2023-2024 academic year, the FAFSA requests your 2021 income.

    You can appeal based on certain expenses that occurred in 2021 to reduce your 2021 income in the financial aid formula; or

    You can also appeal on expenses that occurred in 2022. You will need to complete Section II of the LMU Appeal Form that requests your 2022 income. You may also be asked to submit signed and dated copies of 2022 tax returns and/or W2s to document your 2022 income.

    Documentation Required

    • Appeal and Special Circumstances Form
    • Supporting Documentation for the expenses you are appealing for the calendar year. Note for medical, please only provide documentation of medical expenses paid. DO NOT PROVIDE copies of medical tests, diagnosis or other confidential information. If you are appealing to consider private school tuition, submit a statement from your school totaling you paid in the calendar year for which students. 
  • Reasons/Scenarios that warrant this type of appeal

    • Example: Receipt of a one-time capital gain or other income in 2020 calendar year for the 2022-2023 academic year, or in the 2021 calendar year for the 2023-2024 academic year.

    Documentation Required

    • Appeal and Special Circumstances Form
    • Receipts or other documentation to show how the one-time source of income was used or whether it is in current savings or investments reported on the FAFSA.


  • Reasons/Scenarios that warrant this type of appeal

    • Child abuse
    • The location of the parent or parents is unknown.
    • The student has been removed from the family home by the state.

    Documentation Required

    A signed and dated statement (approximately 1 page) detailing:

    • Your current relationship with your parent(s)
    • Whether you were claimed on your parent (s) or someone else’s tax returns during the year your FAFSA information was based on. (Example: The 2023-24 FAFSA is based on the 2021 tax year)
    • Your last contact with your parent(s)
    • Whether you have requested your parent to assist you in applying for financial aid

    Make sure to include your LMU Student ID and the academic year for which you are submitting the appeal.

    Three Dependency Override Letters of Support. These letters should be from adults familiar with your case, such as a teacher, counselor, medical authority, member of the clergy, prison administrator, government agency, or court and should establish the unusual circumstances. 

    Submit evidence in support of your request such as signed letters, official documents such as a court order or police reports.

  • Reasons/Scenarios that warrant this type of appeal

    • For example, a request to receive institutional aid reserved for full-time student as a part-time student due to disability

    Documentation Required

  • Please note, LMU's Cost of Attendance Appeal policy and procedures will be updated and posted prior to the beginning of the Summer 2023 semester.

    Reasons/Scenarios that warrant this type of appeal

    • LMU on-campus housing or meal plan amounts that exceed the "Average Room & Board" amount listed on our standard Cost of Attendance.
    • Child care expenses for the student’s child.  Please note, the student must be the custodial parent of the dependent child.
    • One time technology expenses, such as purchasing a computer.
    • Unexpected medical/dental expenses that must be paid by the student during enrollment, e.g. replace glasses or emergency dental care not covered by insurance (cannot include insurance payments).
    • LMU course-related expenses, such as SFTV film or television production courses.
    • Special course expenses such as film course.
    • Expenses due to student's disabilities.

    Documentation Required


  • A dependent student may appeal to be considered to receive the additional unsubsidized direct loan amount normally available to independent students. Examples which may warrant an appeal:

    • The parent is incarcerated.
    • The parent’s whereabouts are unknown.
    • The parent has filed for bankruptcy and can provide a letter from the bankruptcy court stating that as a condition of the bankruptcy filing, the parent may not incur any additional debt.
    • The parent’s income is limited to public assistance or disability benefits, and documentation is provided showing parents cannot repay the loan.
    • The parent is not a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident or is not able to provide evidence from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service that he or she is in the United States for other than a temporary purpose with the intention of becoming a citizen or permanent resident. 

    Types of Documentation Required

    In all cases: