Institutional Loans

Burns Loan and LMU California Loan

The Burns Student Loan and the LMU California Loan are institutional loans.  LMU is the lender for institutional loans.  All loan disclosures, promissory notes, other loan documents, and repayment is handled through LMU’s Office of Student Financial Services.  

LMU institutional loans are awarded to eligible students based on scholastic and financial need. These loans are not automatically renewed. Students must apply annually by completing the FAFSA and other institutional requirements by LMU's priority funding deadline. Students must also meet all federal aid requirements in order to receive these loans. Full-time enrollment (12-18 units) is required to receive this funding.

Students may be eligible to receive an LMU institutional loan for a maximum of eight semesters of enrollment. Students who require enrollment beyond eight semesters are not eligible to receive them. This funding is not available for summer enrollment or enrollment in non-LMU study abroad programs. Students working towards a second Bachelor's degree are not eligible to receive this grant.

If you receive an LMU institutional loan, the university will do everything it can to maintain funding levels in future years. We must reevaluate your financial need such as your family experiences changes in income, assets, household size, or the number in college. The evaluation also depends on changes in federal, state, and university funding levels. 

Institutional Loan Borrowers

Please Note: Once you have accepted your loan, LMU will send the information to ECSI - our loan servicer.  ECSI will send you an email notification as soon as your promissory note and supporting disclosures are available to complete.  Please allow 72 hours from the time you accept your loan to receive this notification.  If you have not received an email within 72 hours, please contact ECSI directly at (888)549-3274.  Please be sure to check your spam or junk folders before calling.

If your institutional loan requires a guarantor (co-signer), please be sure to notify your guarantor to check his/her email account for a notification from ECSI on how to complete the process.  It's possible the email may appear in spam/junk mail.  Please be sure to check those folders.  In the event your guarantor cannot be authenticated through the online process, please contact LMU Loan Office at to receive instructions on how to proceed.

Should notarization be required, please be sure not to make notations on the documents other than the required signatures, otherwise, the documents will be rejected, which will delay the processing of your loan. Click on the appropriate link below: