Loans are another form of financial aid available to undergraduate students. They differ from grants and scholarships primarily in that they must be repaid to a lender. Eligibility for the variety of loans available may be determined by need and credit worthiness.

Students are advised to consider their loan options alongside their intended professional future and expected post-graduation income prior to accepting loan aid. The Undergraduate Loan Debt report, as required by California Assembly Bill 721, is available here.

Applying for Loans

In the interest of securing optimal interest rates and other terms and conditions, LMU Financial Aid recommends that students and their parent(s) apply for federal, state, and institutional loans before applying for private or alternative loans. The implications of accepting loan aid should be fully understood by students and their parents and many programs require a loan counseling session prior to funding disbursement.

Available Loans

For more information on various institutional, federal, and private student loan programs, please access the information within this section.

Federal Loans

Loans available to students and parents from the federal government.

Institutional Loans

Not all LMU students will be offered an institutional loan.

  • Burns Student Loan
  • California Student Loan

Private (Alternative) Loans

Outside loans based on creditworthiness.

For additional support and to ask any loan-related questions, please contact us to reach a member of our team directly.