Grants, like scholarships, are a great potential resource for offsetting the costs associated with attending LMU as they do not need to be repaid. Awarded according to a student’s financial need, merit or both criteria, grant funding for undergraduate students reduces the cost of being an LMU student today without requiring repayment later on as you begin your professional future tomorrow. 

Applying for Grants

A number of grants are made available by LMU, the State of California, and the Federal Government to help fund your LMU education. LMU Financial Aid considers your eligibility for these based on the information submitted on your FAFSA

Other grants, including those offered through California’s Cal Grants program, require students to submit additional applications independent of your FAFSA. Many grants are also available through commercial or other private organizations and can be researched independently by students online.  

Available Grants

Federal Grants

  • Pell Grants
  • Supplemental (FSEOG) Grants
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Grant
  • TEACH Grants *  
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG)
  • Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship

California State Grants

LMU Grants and LMU Awards

*Requires application in addition to and separate from FAFSA submission