Financial Aid Programs

Loyola Marymount University participates in all federal and state-based financial aid programs and provides significant funding of our own to assist students who qualify for financial aid. We also offer a wide range of academic scholarships to recognize and reward the scholastic accomplishments of our most distinguished entering first-year students.

LMU will offer you the maximum amount available from each funding source, within federal, state, and university regulations, without exceeding financial need.

  • Federal funds are awarded based on the results from the federal formula by filing the FAFSA and the availability of campus-based federal funds.
  • State funds are awarded based on state-specified eligibility requirements such as GPA, family income, assets, and household size.
  • Any estimated funds you receive in your preliminary financial aid offer must be confirmed based on federal and state eligibility requirements.
  • LMU funded grants and scholarships are awarded according to policies established by the university.
  • The total amount of financial aid awarded from grants, scholarships, loans and work can not exceed LMU's Estimated Cost of Attendance.

Types of Aid Programs

In Grants you will find information on:

  • Federal and state grant programs
  • The LMU Grant for aid applicants
  • How tuition and other benefit programs are coordinated with your financial aid award

In Scholarships you will find information on:

  • Academic scholarships available for first-year students
  • How LMU coordinates scholarships received from private organizations with your financial aid offer
  • Procedures to use scholarships received from private organizations to meet LMU expenses with Student Accounts
  • Information and tips on applying for scholarships and links to scholarship search engines
  • Athletic grant-in-aid

In Loans you will find information on:

  • Types of student and parent loan programs
  • How to apply for student and parent loans
  • How loan funds are disbursed

In Work-Study you will find information on:

  • Types of Work Awards
  • Other opportunities to work on campus if a work award is not received
  • Benefits and responsibilities of student employment
  • Tax implications of your work award