Award Guide

LMU Financial Aid administers federal loans and work-study awards for graduate and professional students. If you are interested in being considered for federal loans or work-study, please complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

When your financial aid award is complete, you will receive an email notification letting you know your total aid eligibility. Your financial aid award may include funds like scholarships, grants, loans, and/or work study. After you have received your financial aid award, you will be able to determine any out-of-pocket expenses. Financial Aid has created a series of resource links to support you along the way.

This section provides an outline of important topics and tells you what to expect moving forward. These links also offer insight on how your aid award was determined and how it will be applied to your student account.

Students will use PROWL to access their award information via MyLMU. You may also contact us directly with any questions.

  • Cost of Attendance:  is an estimate of your total expenses based on your programs academic year (tuition, fees, and living expenses). Most graduate programs follow a nine month academic year. Federal guidelines indicate that the Cost of Attendance may cover only student expenses for the terms defined as the academic year. Expenses for periods of non enrollment, spouse, and dependent living expenses cannot be included, with the exception of documented child care costs which may be added. Your eligibility for Federal Direct Loans will be the difference between your Cost of Attendance and any other merit-based or other grant awards you receive. You may submit a  with documentation of any educational expenses you have that exceed items in the standard Cost of Attendance within the academic year. The Cost of Attendance Appeal Form can be found in the forms section of our website. 

    Outside Resources: Students are required to report all outside resources such as employer tuition reimbursement and outside scholarships or grants. If you report changes in resources your financial aid eligibility will be re-evaluated and we will notify you by email if any changes are made to your award. If the Graduate Division, your academic department, or an outside agency reports awards that you have not previously reported to us, we will adjust your loan(s) or work-study. You may be required to repay loans already disbursed if the total of your financial aid awards, including your outside aid, exceeds your Cost of Attendance.

    Financial Aid Awards: This is your offer of federal financial aid. Typical financial aid offers include a Federal Direct Loan and a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan to meet your Cost of Attendance. Financial aid offers will not include other types of awards unless you or your graduate department have reported them to the Financial Aid Office. Work study awards are only awarded to students who request it by completing the Revision Request Form available in the Form section of our website. 

    Your financial aid award may be revised if:

    1) you receive additional departmental aid or outside aid. 

    2) there is a change in your enrollment (e.g. you reduce your unit enrollment).

    3) there is an error in the offer.

  • Loyola Marymount University participates in all federal and state financial aid programs and provides significant funding of our own to assist students who qualify for financial aid. 

    LMU will award you the maximum amount available from each funding source, within federal, state, and university regulations, without exceeding financial need.

    • Federal funds are awarded based on the results from the federal formula and the availability of campus based funds.
    • LMU funded grants and scholarships are awarded according to policies established by the university.
    • The total amount of financial aid awarded from grants, scholarships, loans and work can never exceed LMU's Estimated Cost of Attendance.
  • LMU uses a standard formula to determine your financial need. The elements of this formula are explained below.

    Estimated Cost of Attendance - Student Aid Index = Financial Need

    LMU Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)

    The first component of this formula is your estimated cost of attendance (COA). Your COA is a standard amount used to represent the expected costs of attending one year at LMU. These costs include tuition and fees, averages for housing and meals, books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation expenses.

    The COA is an estimated amount used to determine eligibility for financial aid; it is not meant to represent each student's actual expenses.

    Visit our Cost of Attendance page for more information.

    Student Aid Index (SAI)

    The Student Aid Index (SAI) is an eligibility index number that colleges use to determine how much federal student aid the student would receive if the student attended the school. This number results from the information that the student provides in their FAFSA form.  The SAI is also used to determine what type of federal student loan you qualify for. The SAI is not the amount that you will need to pay to LMU. Therefore, if your SAI is zero, it does not mean that you will not have to make a payment to attend LMU.

    Financial Need

    Your financial need is the difference between the Cost of Attendance and your Student Aid Index, which determines the maximum amount of need-based assistance you can receive from federal, state, university, and outside agency sources. LMU is not able to meet 100% of every student's financial need.

    Your Financial Aid Award

    LMU will, within federal, state, and university regulations, award you the maximum amount available from each funding source, without exceeding financial need. 

    • Federal funds are awarded based on the result of the federal formula and the availability of campus-based federal funds.

    • State funds are awarded based on state-specified eligibility requirements such as GPA, family income, assets, and household size.

    • LMU grant/endowment funds are awarded according to policies established by the university.

    • We coordinate any outside resources you may have received with your financial aid award according to federal, state, and institutional policies.

    The total amount of financial aid awarded can never exceed your estimated cost of attendance regardless of the source of additional funding.

  • Approximately one week before the start of the term, your financial aid awards (excluding work-study earnings and some )will be disbursed to your student account. In order for your aid to disburse you must meet the requirements below. 

    • You have accepted your award via MYLMU.
    • You have signed any required Master Promissory Notes for all loans you accepted.
    • You have completed an Entrance Counseling for all federal loans you accepted.
    • You are enrolled at least half-time for your program of study. 
      • Half-time enrollment for day students is six units. 
      • Half-time enrollment for evening and LLM students is four units. 
      • Students attending the summer session must be enrolled in a minimum of two units. 
    • You are making Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • You do not have have any outstanding requirements. 

    Your financial aid funds will be applied first to university charges. Any excess aid that remains after the charges on your account has been paid in full will be refunded to you. You are strongly encouraged to enroll in eRefunds, authorizing the direct deposit of financial aid refunds into your bank account. If you do not apply for direct deposit at least 10 business days before the beginning of the term period your refund will be mailed to you which can take up to 20 days for you to receive.

    If you do not meet the eligibility requirements above, you can expect your aid to be delayed. Aid will disburse to your account after you meet all eligibility requirements.

    Notice of Disbursement and Right to Cancel a Federal Direct Loans 

    As a student borrower, you have the right to cancel the entire loan or any portion (a specific disbursement) of any Federal Direct or PLUS loans. Requests to cancel a specific loan disbursement may be submitted prior to the date of crediting to your account or within 14 days of notification. To request the cancellation of a loan disbursement, please complete a Revision Request Form. If a disbursement has already credited to your account, you may request to cancel that disbursement only if a refund has not been generated. Please note that you can request to cancel future disbursements.

    If a refund has not been generated you must request to cancel the disbursements within 14 days of notification that the funds disbursed to your account.

    If a refund has already been generated you must repay any loan funds you wish to return directly to the U.S. Department of Education by contacting your loan servicer. For loan servicer contact information, visit

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

    Financial aid regulations require that students meet specific Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to maintain eligibility for financial aid. Review the LLS SAP policy for more information.

  • Prior to the release of any federal funds, students are required to complete an entrance interview.

    The federal government requires all federal student loan borrowers to attend an exit interview shortly before they graduate, withdraw from school, or take a leave of absence. Exit interviews may also be completed online.

    The federal government requires all colleges and universities to offer Entrance and Exit Counseling for federal student loan recipients. Students only have to complete each of these once (for each federal loan type) while in attendance at Loyola Law School.

    Types of Entrance and Exit Counseling Available:

    • Direct Loan Entrance Counseling for Grad Students
    • Direct Loan Exit Counseling

    Students must complete entrance and exit counseling for each of the various loan types they will receive.

    Additional questions regarding Entrance or Exit Counseling may be found here

  • The information below describes the rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial aid assistance and, specifically, federal student aid at Loyola Marymount University/Loyola Law School. 

    Student's Right to Know:

    • Students have the right to know the criteria for continued student eligibility for each type of financial aid awarded.
    • Students have the right to know the satisfactory academic progress standards that students must meet to receive financial aid assistance, and the required criteria to re-establish eligibility if a student fails to meet satisfactory academic progress.
    • Students have the right to know the method by which financial aid disbursements will be made to the students and the frequency of those disbursements.
    • Students have the right to know the method the school provides for Pell-eligible students to obtain or purchase required books and supplies by the seventh day of a payment period.
    • Students have the right to know the general terms and conditions are applicable to any employment provided to a student as part of the student’s financial aid package.
    • Students have the right to know the terms of any loan received, a sample loan repayment schedule for sample loans, the necessity for paying loans, and the loan exit counseling information the school provides.

    Student’s Responsibilities:

    • I agree to notify LMU Financial Aid of any changes to the information used to determine my financial aid award.
    • I agree to respond to requests for information from LMU Financial Aid.
    • I agree to review the Financial Aid Award Guide on the Financial Aid website and PROWL award messages and acknowledge the enrollment requirements to receive certain types of financial aid.
    • I agree to notify the Office of the Registrar if at any time I stop attending classes and officially take a leave of absence or withdraw from the university. I also understand it is advised to speak with the Financial Aid Office to see if my withdrawal will impact my current aid award.
    • I agree to notify LMU Financial Aid if I am, or I become incarcerated while I am in attendance at LMU/Loyola Law School and receiving financial aid.
    • I agree to notify LMU Financial Aid if I am convicted of or pled guilty or no-contest to a crime involving fraud in obtaining federal student aid funds.
    • I agree to notify LMU Financial Aid if I am subject to a lien for a debt owed to the United States.
    • I agree to use federal student aid funds received during the award year solely for educational expenses related to attendance during that year.

    Unit Requirements for Federal and Institutional Financial Aid:

    • Law Degree candidates must be enrolled at least half-time. 
      • Half-time enrollment for day students is six units. 
      • Half-time enrollment for evening and LLM students is four units. 
      • Students attending the summer session must be enrolled in a minimum of two units. 
    • All students may only receive federal aid for coursework that is required for their degree.

    Consent for Electronic Records and Communications:

    • By accepting this financial aid award, I consent to the use of an electronic record and electronic transactions related to my financial aid.
    • Such transactions may take the form of electronic transmission and acceptance of these terms and my financial aid award via PROWL (Undergraduate), and MYLMU/MYLLS portals, via email to my University or personal email accounts as well as submission of electronic forms or other required financial aid information requested.
    •  If you do not consent, or later wish to withdraw your consent, you must contact LMU Financial Aid regarding non-electronic transactions.
  • All students who have completed the financial aid application process will be notified via email of their offer letter.