LMU Athletic Grant-In-Aid

The Athletics Department at Loyola Marymount University offers a wide range of scholarships to eligible student athletes. The Financial Aid Office will work with the Athletic Department to ensure that scholarships are coordinated with federal, state and other university funded sources of financial aid you may be eligible to receive. Student-athletes must meet all LMU, West Coast Conference (WCC) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility requirements in order to receive an athletic scholarship.


In accordance with NCAA regulations, Athletic Grant-In-Aid is designated for student-athletes to assist with college expenses. These awards may be full or partial grants regardless of the student-athlete's financial need. Eligibility for Athletic Grant-In-Aid awards is determined by the Athletic Department annually.


The Financial Aid Office is responsible for notifying student-athletes of athletic award renewal, non-renewal and reductions. A student-athlete who receives a reduction or non-renewal notice may appeal this decision. The Financial Aid Office will work with the student-athlete and the Athletic Department to coordinate the appeals process.

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