Continuing Undergraduate and Post Baccalaureate Students Fall 2017

Timeline to Submit Verification Documents

Important: It is LMU's policy that we will not provide a financial aid award to a continuing student until we have received and reviewed their federal verification requirements.

We will post all the requirements you must complete for federal verification on your PROWL account. We recommend that you submit these requirements as soon as they are posted to your PROWL account, but no later than June 2, 2017.

Submitting requirements within this timeline will:

  • Allow time for the financial aid office to review your documents and provide you with your 2017-2018 financial aid award. 
  • Allow federal verification to be completed and your award finalized in time for you to make payment arrangements with the Student Accounts Department by their July 20th billing deadline.
  • Ensure that your financial aid can be disbursed to your student account prior to the start of the fall semester. Aid cannot be disbursed if verification has not been completed.

We are also required to report your revised information as a correction to your FAFSA, therefore, it is important that you do not make further corrections or changes to your FAFSA while verification is pending, and once verification has been completed.

Information to Keep in Mind:

  • If we are required to revise your financial aid award, we will do so and post a message to your PROWL account.
  • If financial aid has been disbursed for which you are no longer eligible, these funds will be reversed from your student account and we will post a message to your PROWL account.
  • If certain funds for which you are no longer eligible have been refunded to you, we will report these funds as an "overpayment" to the Department of Education, and you will be responsible for repaying these funds before you can receive further financial aid.
  • If no changes occur during our review, we will also post a message to your PROWL account notifying you that the federal verification process is complete.