A financial aid award appeal is a formal request to the Financial Aid Office to reconsider or reevaluate your and / or your family’s financial concerns or other special circumstances that may have an impact on your financial aid award. Graduate students will only be considered for increased federal or private loan eligibility, as eligibility for grant aid is determined by their school or department.

If you believe your or your family’s circumstances may allow you to submit an appeal, please access and review the following appeal qualification information within this section.  



Appeal Process & Timelines 

Appeals will be reviewed to determine if the circumstances explained and documented allow a financial aid award adjustment. You and / or your parent(s) will be notified by the Financial Aid Office whether or not your appeal was approved by mail or email. You can also track the status of an appeal on your PROWL and MyAid account.

If you submit an appeal of special circumstances prior to you receiving your financial aid award, it will be taken into consideration as we review your financial aid file and included within your original aid award. In doing so, you may delay the receipt of your initial award letter.

If you file an appeal after you have received your financial aid award, your appeal will be processed within approximately 10 to 30 business days, depending on the time of year. All effort is made to provide incoming freshmen with appeal decisions in time to allow them to make their commitment decision.  

Important:  During review of your appeal, we may request any document that will assist us in determining eligibility for additional aid. This may include documentation used for federal verification.   If additional documents are needed, the status of the appeal will be made “incomplete” and the additional requirements will be posted as missing on the student’s PROWL and MyAid accounts.  


Potential Appeal Outcomes

LMU makes every attempt to award students the maximum aid for which they are eligible to receive within the initial aid award. Therefore, the potential outcome of a submitted appeal ranges from no change to an award up to increased institutional, state, federal and / or private aid being awarded. This depends on a several factors and constraints assessed during the appeal process.

Please review the table below for specific potential appeal outcome information as related to your education level:


Potential Appeal Outcomes



Institutional Aid Increase   (merit / need as eligible)


No **

State Aid Increase  (merit / need as eligible)



Federal Aid Increase   (merit / need as eligible)



Private Aid Increase  (typically loan eligibility only)




*Institutional funds are limited and are typically not included in adjusted aid awarded as a result of an approved appeal. 
Also, note that an appeal will not result in loan eligibility being offset or replaced by increased grant or merit aid.
**Schools and / or departments determine institutional aid awarded within initial aid package.


Appeal Aid Exclusions

Please note that appeals related to the following aid awards are not processed by the Financial Aid Office and must be addressed to the following offices and outside organizations. 

  • Cal Grant Appeals - Processed by the California Student Aid Commission.
  • Athletic Appeals - Processed directly by the Athletic Department which can be reached at 310-338-2765.

If you have any questions about your appeal eligibility or how to submit an appeal, we invite you to Email Us


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