Cost of Attendance


The LMU student experience is characterized by true partnership and personalized support. That experience begins with LMU providing clear and direct access to estimated costs of attending LMU as an undergraduate student or as a graduate student. 

Loyola Law School students have separate figures located under the Law School Cost of Attendance page.



Full-time Undergraduate Students

Living On Campus

Living Off Campus, NOT with Parents/Relatives

Living Off Campus with Parents/Relatives

Estimated Tuition & Fees




Estimated Average Room & Board

$13,808 $12,492 $4,968

Estimated Direct Loan Fees

$0 $0 $0
Estimated Parking and Transportation $837 $1,242 $1,107

Estimated Books & Supplies

$1,791 $1,791 $1,791

Estimated Personal Expenses

$2,331 $2,916 $3,177

Total Estimated Cost

$62,989 $62,663

 *Refer to your specific program for actual costs and fees.


Understanding Cost of Attendance Estimates

The LMU Cost of Attendance figures outlined above apply specifically to the 2015-2016 academic year and are offered here to give prospective and current students an idea of anticipated costs associated with attending LMU during this time period. 

These estimates are used to determine financial aid eligibility only and do not represent actual student expenses as these vary based on individual student expenses, including housing, meal plans, books, supplies, transportation and other expenses. Please also note that the maximum amount that may be borrowed within certain loan programs is equal to the estimated costs listed above, less other financial aid received through other sources, including grants and scholarships.

For specific information on LMU tuition, fees, housing and meal plan charges, please visit the Student Accounts website.

Or, Email Us today to connect with a member of our team to:

  • Answer your questions,
  • Explore financial assistance opportunities,
  • Partner with you throughout your LMU financial aid application process.


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