Similar to grants, Scholarships require no repayment and are available as a result of the contributions made by many LMU benefactors who believe deeply in the value of an LMU education. Scholarship eligibility is generally based on several possible merit-related criteria, including academic achievement, talent and/or leadership.

Equal opportunity shall be provided for all incoming freshman applicants for scholarship consideration on the basis of their demonstrated academic ability and merit without discrimination on the basis of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, age, disability and status with the armed forces unless otherwise stated in the scholarship guidelines. 

Applying for Scholarships

Some LMU-sponsored scholarship awards are automatically considered alongside your application for admission; however, a number of scholarships require separate applications by varying specific deadlines. Many scholarships are also available through commercial or other private organizations and can be researched independently by students online.

Available Scholarships

For more information on LMU-sponsored scholarships, please access the included within this section.

Academic Scholarship Programs

  • Arrupe Scholarships
  • Trustee & Presidential Scholarships
  • Jesuit & Marymount High School Scholarships
  • Jesuit Community Scholarships
  • LMU Achievement Awards

Athletic Scholarships

  • Athletic Grant in Aid

LMU Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Abbott and Fenner Scholarship *
  • AES Engineers Scholarship *
  • American Association of Japanese University Women *
  • Best of the Web Scholarship for Higher Learning *
  • CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship *
  • Construction and Engineering Scholarship *
  • StorageMart ScholarSmarts Scholarship *
  • GP LSAT Prep Prelaw Scholarship *
  • Mendez Scholarships Non-Profit *
  • Scholarships *
  • Advice to Your High School Self Scholarship *
  • Strategic Name Development Scholarship * 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

*Requires application in addition to and separate from FAFSA submission 

 Finally, we encourage all students to utilize "free" Scholarship Search Engines before, during and after enrollment.