Applying for Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

Students, new and continuing, interested in receiving Federal, State or Loyola Marymount University grants, scholarships, loans or student employment are encouraged to apply for financial aid. 

Graduate students must be admitted as a regular student into a degree or credential program at LMU and enrolled at least half-time as determined by their program level, to be considered for federal and/or state financial aid.  Certificate programs are not approved for federal or state aid eligibility at LMU.

Graduate degree are also only eligible to receive federal and state aid for coursework required for the graduate degree program.  To receive federal aid based on enrollment in other coursework, e.g. undergraduate courses, requires that the program director submit notice of approval for non-required coursework to the financial aid office.

Credential students may only receive federal and state aid for coursework required by the state for the credential program. 

International students are eligible for LMU grants, scholarships and assistantships. However, only U.S. Citizens and eligible non-citizens can apply for Federal and State assistance, in addition to LMU grants and scholarships.

Please access the appropriate information within this section to guide you through applying for financial aid.