Gates Millennium Scholars

To receive financial aid as you continue your LMU education, you must apply for financial aid each year you are at LMU. It is important to review the deadlines for application for the coming year. Federal, state and several forms of institutional funding rely on you completing the application process as stated below by the given deadlines. Be sure to complete them on time to prevent any delay in awarding and/or loss of aid eligibility.

As a Gates Millennium Scholarship (GMS) recipient you must submit your online GMS Request for Funding Form through the GMS student login for renewal.  In order to have your GMS Financial Aid Form processed, you must complete all of your financial aid requirements.

It is your responsibility to submit the required forms for renewal of your Gates Millennium Scholarship to the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner.  Please note you risk losing your scholarship if your requirements needed to process your financial aid award are not completed.

In order to process the GMS Financial Aid form, our office must be informed of all sources of anticipated aid, which is any funding outside of your GMS scholarship and financial aid award.  Any additional funding reported to our office after your forms have been processed may result in a revised award process to GMS.  Failure to report additional funding to our office may result in a reduction to your financial aid award and/or GMS scholarship.

If you would like more information about the Gates Millennium Scholarship or its renewal process, please contact the Gates Foundation at 1-877-690-4677 or visit their website.

If you will not be returning for an academic year due to withdrawing from LMU or filing a leave of absence, please let us know by emailing the office, with your LMU ID number included, so we can update our LMU Gates Millennium Scholars Roster.


Important Dates

March 2nd – reapply for financial aid by completing a FAFSA application.  If selected for federal verification, submit requested verification documents within 10-30 business days.

May 1st - Log in to your Gates Millennium Scholars Portal and complete the Gates Millennium Scholarship Request for Funding Form.  If you fail to submit your GMS Request for Funding Form, your Gates Millennium Scholarship will not be renewed.

June 1st – Notify the LMU Financial Aid Office of any anticipated sources of funding outside of your GMS scholarship and financial aid award.


GMS and Your Financial Aid Award

Upon receipt of your GMS Request for Funding Form, the Financial Aid Office will complete and submit to GMS. If you are found eligible to continue to receive your scholarship, GMS will determine the amount of your scholarship award, and submit an electronic payment to LMU. When our office learns of the amount you’ll be eligible for it will be estimated as an “Outside Resource” within your PROWL account until the electronic payment is received.

If your scholarship causes an over-award, your award may be adjusted in order to comply with federal, state, and institutional policy.

GMS recipients must also enroll as full-time students and meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) each semester.  You will risk losing eligibility for your scholarship if these requirements are not met.

Note: Aid received from ALL sources cannot exceed your Cost of Attendance.


GMS and Your Student Account

The Financial Aid Office will send a list of GMS recipients to the Student Accounts Office to notify them you are a recipient.

Your GMS award will not automatically show on the Student Accounts Touchnet system. Student Accounts must manually include your GMS award as meeting appropriate LMU charges.