Veteran Benefits

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is not required to receive veteran’s benefits or for the Yellow Ribbon program. However, as a veteran, you may also apply for other forms of financial aid.  Review our financial aid website for information on grants, and for which you might qualify as well as the details on how to apply.

If you are a recipient of Veteran's Benefits, you are responsible for submitting any enrollment verification documents required by the VA to the LMU Office of the Registrar.

VA Educational Benefits (VEB) must be coordinated with other financial aid awards according to federal, state and institutional policy. Students receiving VEB (including Yellow Ribbon funds) cannot receive funds designated for tuition & fees only that exceed the actual amount of tuition and mandatory fees for the University.

Tuition and Fee-only awards include:

  • LMU Grants, Scholarships or Loans (any institutional aid)
  • Cal Grants A and B
  • LMU Athletic Scholarships and Grants
  • LMU Tuition Remission
  • Any other assistance that has been designated for tuition/fees only

At the end of each term, LMU will certify and report the number of completed units to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA will determine if an overpayment has been made to the school on the student’s behalf. An individual who does not complete all courses in the certified period of enrollment, and who does not substantiate mitigating circumstances for not completing such enrollment, will be charged an overpayment equal to the amount of ALL educational assistance paid for that period of enrollment. This means the veteran is responsible for any overpayment incurred as a result of not completing courses. If an overpayment is determined, the VA will notify the veteran. Overpayment notifications will inform the veteran of the overpayment amount and whom to contact to establish a repayment schedule. Overpayments are collected by the VA Debt Management Center. In most cases, overpayments will not be collected during the due process period, which is 30 days from the day of notification.

Resources to Assist You

  • LMU is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans.
  • Veteran Programs provides resources and services to meet the unique needs of our student veterans. Their office is committed to your success and involvement in all aspects of campus life at LMU. Please visit Veteran Programs for more information.
  • Calculate your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits using the GI Bill Comparison Tool.
  • You may also find more information on types of Veteran Benefits at
  • LMU also has a Student Veterans' Organization that provides service and outreach activities for veterans and their families in the Los Angeles area and provides a social network for veterans and supporters of the Armed Forces.  For more information contact