Veterans, Americorps, Tuition Remission

Additional financial aid options exist for specific populations in other forms such as tuition waivers, discounts and other alternative aid types. Eligibility requirements are varied as are application requirements and processes.

For more information on other institutional, state and federal aid programs, please access the information included within this section, and please Email Us directly if you would like additional support. 


  • Veteran Benefits

    The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is not required to receive veteran’s benefits or for the Yellow Ribbon program. However, as a veteran you may also apply for other forms of financial aid.  Review our financial aid website for information on grants, and for which you might qualify as well as the details on how to apply.

    If you are a recipient of Veteran's Benefits, you are responsible for submitting any enrollment verification documents required by the VA to the LMU Office of the Registrar.

    You are required to notify the Financial Aid Office of the amount and type of veteran's benefits that you will receive while enrolled at LMU. These benefits must be coordinated with other federal, state, and university aid that you may be eligible to receive.

    VA Educational Benefits (VEB) must be coordinated with other financial aid awards according to federal, state and institutional policy. Students receiving VEB (including Yellow Ribbon funds) cannot receive funds designated for tuition/fees only that exceed the actual amount of tuition and mandatory fees for the University.

    Tuition/ Fee only awards include:

    • LMU Athletic Scholarships and Grants
    • LMU Grants, Scholarships or Loans (any institutional aid)
    • Cal Grants A and B
    • LMU Tuition Remission
    • Any other assistance that has been designated for tuition/fees only

    At the end of each term, LMU will certify and report the number of completed units to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA will determine if an overpayment has been made to the school on the student’s behalf. An individual who does not complete all courses in the certified period of enrollment, and who does not substantiate mitigating circumstances for not completing such enrollment, will be charged an overpayment equal to the amount of ALL educational assistance paid for that period of enrollment. This means, the veteran is responsible for any overpayment incurred as a result of not completing courses. If an overpayment is determined, the VA will notify the veteran. Overpayment notifications will inform the veteran of the overpayment amount and whom to contact to establish a repayment schedule. Overpayments are collected by the VA Debt Management Center. In most cases, overpayments will not be collected during the due process period, which is 30 days from the day of notification.

    LMU has resources to assist you:

    • LMU is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans.
    • Veteran Programs provides resources and services to meet the unique needs of our student veterans. Their office is committed to your success and involvement in all aspects of campus life at LMU. Please visit Veteran Programs for more information.
    • Calculate your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits using the GI Bill Comparison Tool.
    • You may also find more information on types of Veteran Benefits at
    • LMU also has a Student Veterans' Organization that provides service and outreach activities for veterans and their families in the Los Angeles area and provides a social network for veterans and supporters of the Armed Forces.  For more information contact
  • Yellow Ribbon Program

    The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program (Yellow Ribbon Program) is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008.

    This program allows degree granting institutions in the United States to voluntarily enter into an agreement with the Veteran’s Administration (VA). Under this agreement, the school may contribute up to 50% of tuition expenses, and the VA will match that amount.

    Detailed information about the Yellow Ribbon Program can be found on the website.

    Loyola Marymount University will provide Yellow Ribbon Program benefits for the 2017-2018 academic year.

  • LMU Tuition Benefits

    LMU Tuition Benefits

    Full-time faculty and full-time, regular staff members are eligible to receive full tuition remission for undergraduate or graduate courses taken towards the completion of one undergraduate and/or one graduate degree, completion of a credential/certificate program offered by one of the six university schools/colleges, or taken under non-degree status.

    In addition the spouses and dependent children of full time, regular faculty members are eligible for full time tuition remission provided certain requirements are met. The spouses and dependent children of part-time employees are not eligible for tuition remission. Please refer to the LMU Faculty Handbook, LMU Staff Policy Manual, or contact the Human Resources Office for further information regarding tuition remission.

    LMU Tuition Benefits must be considered as a resource when determining eligibility for federal, state and other university funded sources of financial aid. If you are a participant in a tuition program that will cover part of your LMU tuition, you must notify the Financial Aid Office to ensure this resources in coordinated with other financial aid according to federal, state, and university policies.

    Recipients of LMU tuition benefits or tuition exchange programs that meet 100% of LMU tuition costs are NOT eligible to receive the following forms of financial aid.

    • LMU Grant or LMU Donated or Endowed Awards
    • LMU Institutional Scholarships
    • LMU Yellow Ribbon Grant
    • LMU Institutional Loans (Perkins, California, Shandler, or Burns)

    Recipients of the Cal Grant A or B (Tuition Award) who also receive LMU Tuition Benefits will have their LMU Tuition Benefits reduced by the amount of the Cal Grant tuition award.

    Non-LMU Tuition Benefits/Reimbursement

    Non-LMU tuition benefits must be considered as a resource when determining eligibility for federal, state and other university funded sources of financial aid. If your financial aid award does not include tuition benefits that you have been approved to receive, please notify the Financial Aid Office immediately.

  • Americorps

    Using AmeriCorps award to pay for educational fees

    AmeriCorps service members must request their education awards via in order to use funds at LMU. Please select Loyola Marymount University (not Loyola Law School) when selecting your voucher destination.

    LMU will normally receive the first payment from AmeriCorps within two weeks of approving your educational expense voucher. If your voucher is denied for any reason, comments will be entered on the voucher request explaining the reason for denial.

    LMU will certify AmeriCorps awards up to your cost of attendance. Students may request AmeriCorps funds to cover charges for the current semester or for a previous semester. When an AmeriCorps award is certified, the university receives the funds in two disbursements. AmeriCorps will pay one half of the award at the beginning of the semester and pay the other half at the semester mid-point.

    For more information about using your AmeriCorps benefit to pay for educational fees, please visit the AmeriCorps website or call them at 1-800-942-2677. 

    Using AmeriCorps awards to pay Perkins loans

    For information about applying your AmeriCorps award to your Federal Perkins loan, please visit the AmeriCorps website here. When making this request, be sure to select your voucher as an "Educational Award-Loan Payment".

    Using AmeriCorps awards to pay federal student loans

    For information about applying your AmeriCorps award to your federal student loans, please visit the AmeriCorps website. Please be aware that when making this request your actual lender may not appear in the list of lenders. Lenders, including Federal Direct Loans, often use third-party organizations known as “servicers” for the administration of their loans. For example, when you go to the AmeriCorps website and request your AmeriCorps funds to be applied to a previously borrowed loan, you may see one of the following servicers listed:

    • FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)
    • Sallie Mae
    • Great Lakes
    • National Education Loan Network (Nelnet)

    There are additional servicers that may be applicable. To determine your loan servicer, please visit the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). You will need your Department of Education PIN to access this system. This is the same PIN you use to sign your FAFSA. If you don't have your PIN, you can request it here

    AmeriCorps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    If you have questions about AmeriCorps you can find many answers on the AmeriCorps' FAQ page.

     Does LMU match AmeriCorps Education Awards?

    Unfortunately, LMU does not match these awards.