Online Access

Online Access

PROWL is your online gateway to LMU's student record system available 24 hours a day!

Using PROWL you can:

  • Verify which financial aid documents LMU has received and which documents are still required.
  • Receive messages from the Financial Aid Office regarding your application.
  • View your financial aid award.
  • Accept and decline your financial aid award offer(s).

Weekly Email Reminders

In addition to posting the documents we need from you on PROWL, the Financial Aid Office will be emailing you weekly (to the email address you provided on your admission application and/or FAFSA) until your financial aid application is complete. Be sure to check your email account regularly for important updates and reminders from our office.

Once you are enrolled at LMU, you will receive a LMU LION email account. All future communication from the Financial Aid Office will be sent through your LMU Lion email account, PROWL, and ManeGate messaging.