Financial Aid Secure Upload

Financial Aid Secure Upload

Welcome to LMU Financial Aid Office’s secure document upload tool. Current and prospective students may use this to upload required documentation.

The Financial Aid Office collects data electronically and stores it in a secure data management system. This will allow you to upload documents you are required to submit to our office in a secure fashion, particularly documents such as tax transcripts that contain personally identifiable information (PII). The privacy and safety of your data is extremely important to us. 

All documents must include:
• The student's name on each page.
• The student's university ID number on each page.
• Complete information (if submitting forms, please review the instructions carefully to ensure that all fields are complete). 

Please do not email documents to our office that contain social security numbers or other personally identifiable information.

You may only submit one document at a time.  A document (Word document, PDF, etc.) may have multiple pages, but only one document may be loaded at a time.  You cannot upload a folder.

IMPORTANT: Enter student's name and University ID number in the "File Description" field below.