Leave of Absence & Withdrawals

The following information only applies to undergraduate and graduate students at Loyola Marymount University. Visit the Policies and Procedures  page to review details related to leave of absence or withdrawals for Loyola Law School.

LMU’s policy on taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from LMU is available on the Registrar's website. All students who plan to withdraw or take a leave of absence should do so through the Registrar’s Office according to their procedures. For additional information regarding leaves of absence and withdraws, review the University Bulletin.

Students who stop attending classes without notifying the Registrar’s Office will be considered to have “unofficially withdrawn”.  A review will be completed, in conjunction with the student’s faculty member(s) for the term, to determine a last date of attendance. 

If a last date of attendance cannot be determined, financial aid will be returned based on the 50% point of the enrollment period in accordance with federal and institutional regulations. 

If at all possible, students are advised to determine how tuition and other charges will be adjusted prior to withdrawal or taking a leave of absence as well as how financial aid awards will be adjusted.

When adjusting financial aid, the beginning of the leave of absence or date of withdrawal will be determined as the earliest date that an official at LMU became aware that the student stopped attending all classes.

Adjustment to Charges


A percentage tuition charges are refunded based on the date of the leave or withdrawal. Loyola Marymount University’s refund policy is published on the Office of Student Financial Services in the Controller’s Office website on the Student Accounts page along with the percentage of tuition that will be refunded by date for each term.

LMU Housing

Housing charges are prorated upon leave of absence or withdrawal depending on when the student leaves student's housing. Contact Housing at 310-338-2963 to determine how your housing charges will be adjusted.

Meal Plans and Fees

Meal plans and fees charged are non-refundable.

Adjustment to Financial Aid Awards

Federal Funds

Financial aid programs created by the federal government are called ‘‘Title IV Funds’’ and include the Pell grant, Supplemental (SEOG) grant, TEACH Grant, Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Loan, and Parent (PLUS) Loan.

Title IV funds are awarded with the understanding that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance was offered. However, should a student need to take a leave of absence or withdraw*, they may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds awarded in the Award Letter. 

Federal law requires that the Financial Aid Office determine at what point Title IV funds will cease to be made available once the student's enrollment has ended, and any unearned funds will be returned to the federal financial aid program. Details on the return of title IV funds calculation is available here.

LMU, State, and Private Funds

We determine how much LMU-funded financial aid a student has earned in accordance with Loyola Marymount University's refund policy as published on the Office of Student Financial Services website on the Student Accounts page.

Earned institutional grants, scholarships, institutional loans, and Cal Grant by withdrawal date.

Fall 2016

 Percentage Earned   If you want to withdraw from:   To:
 0%  Aug 29, 2016  Sep 2, 2016
 10%  Sep 3, 2016  Sep 8, 2016
 30%  Sep 9, 2016  Sep 15, 2016   
 50%  Sep 16, 2016  Sep 23, 2016
 75%  Sep 24, 2016  Oct 21, 2016
 100%  Oct 22, 2016  and after







Spring 2017

 Percentage Earned   If you want to withdraw from:   To:
 0%  Jan 9, 2017  Jan 13, 2017 
 10%  Jan 14, 2017  Jan 20, 2017   
 30%  Jan 21, 2017  Jan 27, 2017
 50%  Jan 28, 2017  Feb 3, 2017
 75%  Feb 4, 2017  Mar 10, 2017
 100%  Mar 11, 2017  and after





Cal Grants

Cal Grant policies state that if a student is charged tuition that meets or exceeds the Cal Grant award, the cal grant does not need to be adjusted based on a withdrawal of leave of absence. However, cal grant recipients may want to rescind their Cal Grant and notify the California Student Aid Commission of their leave or withdrawal in order to preserve their eligibility for a future term. Students can process a leave of absence request with the California Student Aid Commission online at www.csac.ca.gov and click the link "WebGrants4Students". In this case, the student would be responsible for covering the tuition balance on their student account.

Alternative (Private) Loans

Based on the date you give official notice of your leave of absence or withdrawal from the University, the Financial Aid Office will first determine what amount of your federal and/or state financial aid (if any) will be returned to the appropriate federal and/or state aid program. You are not entitled to keep, or receive a refund of, any alternative loan funds that exceed tuition and fees charged for the term after your leave of absence or withdrawal is officially processed and any applicable federal aid or state aid funds are returned. Any portion of your alternative (private) loan that exceeds charges assessed by the university will be cancelled and returned to your lender.