Understanding Your Financial Aid Award

Understanding the award notification process is important to ensure a pleasant and successful aid application at LMU.


As a committed and current student, you also have access to PROWL, LMU’s self-service tool. On PROWL you can accept or decline financial aid awards, register for classes, check student account balances and much more. PROWL is also accessible through MYLMU under the 'System Logins' menu. 

Financial Aid Award

Your financial aid award is based on the information obtained from your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Your financial aid award on your PROWL account will be posted as read only.

You are required to review the Terms and Conditions in PROWL before you can accept your aid.  Instructions for accepting your Terms and Conditions can be found on the PROWL page.

Corrections Made to FAFSA After Receiving Award

In most cases, minor adjustments to information on the FAFSA, for example, updating from estimated income to actual, does not impact the financial aid award. Therefore, LMU does not automatically provide a new award upon receipt of a FAFSA correction made by the family.  For entering freshmen we only review the FAFSA corrections we receive for those students who submit their tuition deposit after the May 1st commitment deadline.

However, if a significant error was made on the FAFSA, for example, that significantly affects the expected family contribution (EFC) positively or negatively, you may submit the requesting we review your revised FAFSA and consider for repackaging.  During review, additional documentation may be requested. There is no guarantee that reduction to the EFC will result in an increase to the aid award. 

There is no need to report corrections that do not affect the EFC such as updating the email address.

Revised Financial Aid Award

During the course of the academic year, you may be deemed eligible for additional financial aid and/or aid from different sources that replace current awards. Additionally, if LMU Financial Aid receives new information that affects your financial aid eligibility, your awards may change. In this case, you will receive an email from us notifying you that there has been a change to your award on your PROWL account.