LMU Grants

LMU Grants are awarded to eligible students based on scholastic achievement and financial need. The LMU Grant is not automatically renewed.  Students must apply annually by completing the FAFSA and other and institutional requirements by LMU's priority funding deadline.  Students must also meet all federal aid requirements in order to receive this grant. Full-time enrollment (12-18 units) is required to receive this award.

Students may be eligible to receive an LMU Grant for a maximum of eight semesters of enrollment. All units accepted by LMU count as equivalent semesters for transfer students. See "Classification of Undergraduate Students" in the Undergraduate Bulletin. For Example, a transfer student with 60 accepted transfer units, will be considered as having completed 4 semesters and will have 4 remaining semesters of eligibility. Students who require enrollment beyond eight semesters are not eligible to receive LMU Grant.  This award is not available for summer enrollment or enrollment in non-LMU study abroad programs. Students working towards a second Bachelor’s degree are not eligible to receive this grant.

The LMU Grant will be cancelled or reduced if students receive other resources that meet tuition and fee expenses, such as employer tuition benefits, Cal Grant or veteran’s yellow ribbon benefits.

If you receive a LMU Grant, the university will do everything it can to maintain funding levels in future years. We must reevaluate your financial need such as your family experiences changes in income, assets, household size, or the number in college each year. Evaluation also depends on changes in federal, state, and university funding levels. Renewal of the LMU Grant must also include the GPA and course completion requirements associated with maintaining (SAP).