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MyAid Financial Planner


Note to New Applicants for Undergraduate Admission:

Students receive an invitation to access their MyAid account after receiving an offer of admission. MyAid contains useful tools and information to assist you in understanding the financial obligations and options of an LMU student. The Financial Aid Office will send you an email when your MyAid account has been activated. If you have questions, please contact us at finaid@lmu.edu for assistance. 


What is MyAid?

Admitted students will be granted access to MyAid, LMU's financial planning website. While you consider your enrollment options, MyAid will provide details on your award and interactive financial planning worksheets. Within MyAid, you have access to the following:

  • Learn about financial planning and aid
  • Plan out your expenses for the school year
  • Learn about financing options
  • Keep track of necessary forms to complete and submit
  • Get step-by-step information on how to complete the financial aid process

We encourage you to explore MyAid and familiarize yourself with the features that it offers, regardless of whether you plan to apply for financial aid. The tools provided in MyAid will assist you in planning your finances for college.


Who has access to MyAid?

Only students who have been offered admission will receive credentials to access MyAid. Once a student receives access they may then choose to grant parent(s) access by clicking on the “Invite Parent/Guardian” link at the top of any MyAid page. As a parent/guardian, you will have access to view financial aid and tasks.


How do I access MyAid?

Admitted students who have received their invitation to MyAid may access MyAid either directly via the link in the invitation email, or by selecting MyAid under the 'System Logins' drop-down menu in MyLMU


When do I use MyAid?

Check your "MyTask List" in MyAid regularly. If attending for the first time, your student will receive an introduction email to MyAid approximately three business days after the admission decision is communicated. Additional information may be required from you or your child to complete their financial aid application, so please keep checking the "MyTask List" for new tasks.

For faster processing of your financial aid, submit all requested documents and forms to the Financial Aid Office within 10 business days.


* The Financial Aid Office will use the email address provided on your admission application to communicate with you. Please be sure to provide an active email account and check it regularly for important and announcements. 


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