Applying for Aid

With LMU’s mission to serve men and women with diverse talents, interests and cultural backgrounds at the heart of the Financial Aid Office’s day-to-day efforts, we offer and facilitate access to a wide range of financial aid options to ensure LMU’s educational community is continually enriched, year after year.

And, by participating in all federal and state financial aid programs while offering many grant, scholarship and loan programs of LMU’s own, 83% of LMU’s incoming freshman class and 72.5% of transferring undergraduates received financial aid last year.

Please access the appropriate information within this section to guide you through applying for financial aid at LMU according to which term you expect to be enrolling in LMU, pending your admission application review and acceptance:

Undergraduate students seeking enrollment in August 2015

Aid Eligibility & FAFSA

All need-based financial aid and most other aid awards are determined in whole or in part by the information submitted within a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Students can submit their FAFSA and apply for financial aid at LMU even prior to applying for admission to LMU, and the Financial Aid Office recommends applying for aid as soon as possible.

To learn more about completing your FAFSA and financial aid eligibility at LMU, please review the information linked to below:

  • Financial Aid Eligibility
  • Federal Verification - may be required of some aid applicants. LMU will notify students if they have been selected for federal verification and what will be required to complete this process. 
  • Have some questions? Click the Financial Aid TV link below for some short tutorials on the financial aid process. 



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