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If you believe that, due to your family's financial situation or other special circumstances, the Financial Aid Office should reevaluate your financial aid award, you may file a financial aid award appeal. Before submitting an award appeal, please review the information below, regarding types of appeals, the potential outcomes, and the appeal process and timelines. 

A financial aid award appeal is a formal request to the Financial Aid Office to reconsider or reevaluate your and/ or your family’s financial concerns or other special circumstances that may have an impact on your financial aid award. If you believe that your or your family's circumstances may allow you to submit an appeal, please access and review the following appeal qualification information within this section.


Potential Appeal Outcomes

Your Financial Aid Award will include the maximum federal, state, and institutional aid for which you are eligible. We cannot guarantee that submission of an appeal will result in an increase to your aid award. An appeal may result in revisions to only federal or state aid programs.


Appeal Process & Timelines 

Families who are aware that they have circumstances that can be appealed (see Types of Appeals) are encouraged to submit the appeal and supporting documentation as early as possible, in order to receive a decision prior to the May 1st commitment deadline. You may submit an appeal for special circumstances prior to your receiving your LMU financial aid award. However, we will not notify you of the appeal decision prior to the formal notification of your financial aid award.


  • 2017-2018 Early Decision Freshmen – appeals filed prior to the Early Decision deposit deadline (January 12, 2017) will be given expedited review during early January.
  • 2017-2018 Early Action Freshmen – decisions will be provided 10 to 30 business days after all required supporting documentation has been received.
  • 2017-2018 Regular Decision Freshmen – will be notified after April 13th and prior to the May 1st commitment deadline if appeal and all supporting documents are received prior to April 14, 2017.  
  • 2017-2018 Transfer Students – decisions will be provided 10 to 30 business days after all required supporting documentation has been received, and only after communication of the financial aid award.
  • 2017-2018 Continuing Undergraduates - decisions will be provided after continuing financial aid awards are released in mid to late May 2017.  


Important: During review of the appeal, we may request additional documentation that will assist us in determining eligibility for additional aid. This may include documentation required for Federal Verification. If additional documents are needed, a notification will be posted on the MYAID and PROWL accounts and the additional requirements will be posted as missing requirements.

The appeal decision will be communicated via a notification on the student’s MYAID and PROWL accounts, as well as a more detailed letter sent to the parent and/ or student by mail or email.  


Appeal Not Processed by the Financial Aid Office

Please note that appeals related to the following aid awards are not processed by the Financial Aid Office and must be addressed to the following offices and outside organizations. 

  • Cal Grant Appeals - Processed by the California Student Aid Commission.
  • Athletic Appeals - Processed directly by the Athletic Department which can be reached at 310.338.2765.

If you have any questions about your appeal eligibility or how to submit an appeal, we invite you to Email Us



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