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We are excited to see you on campus in August! This checklist contains action items and deadlines to help you with financial preparations for the fall semester.

We have provided you with a printer-friendly ‌Parent Calendar Checklist to assist you with your planning. You may save this document directly onto your computer.

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  • January 1: All Students: Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) starting January 1st of the application year.
  • Returning Students Enrolled in Spring Semester: In late January the payment plan enrollment period ends through Student Accounts.
  • Spring Entry Students: Late January is the deadline to waive medical insurance.
  • Early January: Orientation starts for entering Spring students only. For more information on Orientation visit here



  • February 1: Entering students must complete the FAFSA by February 1 to meet our institutional deadline.



  • March 2: Returning Students Only: Encourage your student to complete the FAFSA no later than March 2.
  • March 2: Returning Students Only: Complete the LMU Application by March 2. Check your PROWL account. The LMU Application is not required to receive federal or state aid, however it is required to receive LMU funded financial aid.
  • March 2: Incoming Freshmen California Residents Only: students should submit their California Grant GPA Verification form to the California Student Aid Commission ( no later than March 2. Many high schools do this on your behalf.



  • Returning Students: Complete Summer Financial Aid Application if attending Summer School or applying for Summer Work Study.
  • Prospective Students for Fall: In early April your financial aid award notice becomes available through MyAid.
  • Incoming Students: Complete Federal Verification if selected: If you have been selected, our office must collect additional information to compare with your submitted FAFSA. These requirements are posted in your PROWL and MyAid accounts. You must complete these items to be eligible for financial aid. Your aid may change as a result of verification if it changes what you submitted on the FAFSA. If you have filed an extension and your tax return is not available, you can still submit your tax return when it is available. However, financial aid will not pay to the account until this is completed. Click here for details on submitting tax information.



  • May 30: Summer Session 1 payment deadline for all students enrolled in summer session 1.
  • May 31: Incoming Students Only: Accept/decline your aid. By committing to LMU with your deposit, you now have access to PROWL. Different from MyAid, PROWL will allow you to accept or decline your offered aid. Once you have access, log into your MYLMU account, and select PROWL from the “System Logins” dropdown menu.



  • Early June: All Students: Complete PLUS Loan requirements: Families are not required to apply for a Federal Parent PLUS loan. However, if you are applying for a PLUS loan, the application will be available starting early June. IMPORTANT: To borrow from the Federal PLUS Loan you must have satisfactory credit. 
  • June 30: Incoming Students Only: Complete all missing requirements on your PROWL and MyAid accounts.
  • June 30: Summer Session 2 payment deadline for all students enrolled in summer session 2.
  • Accepting loans will trigger requirements and/or tasks: For example, if you accept your Federal Direct Loans or Institutional Loans, your PROWL and MyAid accounts will have new tasks assigned to them. You will need to complete these tasks before the loan can disburse to your account just prior to the start of classes. Keep an eye out for these additional requirements.
  • Check your LMU email account: LMU offers an email account associated with the University called “Lionmail”. All students have an account that ends in Moving ahead, this will be LMU’s primary means to communicate with you directly. Please go to your MYLMU account and select LionMail from the System Logins drop-down menu. You can link your personal accounts to this important account.
  • Incoming Freshman only: Freshman Orientation sessions will be offered on the following dates:
    Session 1: June 8-9 Session 4: June 18-19
    Session 2: June 11-12 Session 5: June 22-23
    Session 3: June 15-16 Session 6: June 25-26
  • For more information on Orientation visit here



  • All Students: Consider a payment plan: The LMU Student Accounts Office offers payment plans to families. If you would like to break up your fall balance into payment plans, you should do this early in July when their office notifies you.
  • July 20: first payment date for the Fall semester. You should consider signing up for a payment plan prior to this date if you would like to take advantage of this offer.



  • All Students: Disbursement of Fall financial aid starts 10 days before classes begin. However, students cannot request a refund from Student Accounts, if available, until officially classes start. 
  • All Students: Student Accounts encourages you to set-up direct deposit for potential refunds starting the first week of classes.



  • All Students: In late September the Financial Aid Office cancels financial aid that has not been accepted and loans for which loan requirements have not been submitted or are incomplete.



  • All Students: Early October is the deadline to waive medical insurance.
  • Entering New Spring Only Students: Late October is the priority funding deadline for the upcoming Spring semester.



  • All Students: End of November: one billing notice will be sent out for the upcoming Spring semester.
  • All Students: The insurance waiver website will become available and payment plan enrollment will begin (must be registered). A reminder email will be sent out to registered students and authorized users already setup.



  • December 15: All Students: deadline for payment plan enrollment if participating in a payment plan for the coming Spring term.
  • December 20: All Students: First payment is due for the coming Spring semester if participating in a payment plan.


Financial Aid Process

The Financial Aid Process
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