Policies and Procedures


Enrollment Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for Federal financial aid
  • Half-time enrollment for day students is six units
  • Half-time enrollment for evening and LLM students is four units
  • Students attending summer session must enroll in a minimum of two units to be eligible for financial assistance


Cancellation Provisions

  • The student has the right to cancel all or a portion of their student loans within 14 days of loan disbursement.
  • The loan cancellation request must be submitted in writing or by Revision Request to the Financial Aid Office.


Loan Deferment

  • Students who received loans at another postsecondary institution are eligible for deferment if they are enrolled at least half-time.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Law School students have a maximum of five years to complete their program.
  • Law School students must also maintain a grade point average that entitles them to a status of good standing. 


Refund/Repayment of Financial Aid

  • Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence from the Law School may be entitled to a refund of tuition and mandatory fees in accordance with the schedule outlined in the Tuition Liability/Refund Policy.

  • Federal financial aid regulations require the Financial Aid Office to determine if any federal student aid should be returned whenever a student withdraws, drops out, takes an unapproved leave of absence, is expelled or otherwise fails to complete the period of enrollment for which he/she was charged.

  • The Law School will return funds according to a schedule regulated by the Department of Education. That schedule determines how much money the student has "earned" and is allowed to keep toward tuition and fee charges. The percentage of funds the student is allowed to keep is calculated by dividing the number of days the student attended Loyola Law School by the actual number of days in the term. Additional information on the Return of Title IV funds can be found here.


Summer Enrollment and Financial Aid Policies

Students interested in receiving federal loans for the summer term must complete and submit a summer Financial Aid application by the published deadline. Students must enroll in at least two units to receive federal loans. Students who withdraw or take a leave of absence from summer courses will be subject to the Return of Title IV refund policy and the Tuition Liability/Refund policy discussed in the sections above. 

Students are limited to 6 units unless enrolled in the JD/LLM Intensive Summer Session or are otherwise approved under Student Handbook section 2.5 which reads in part:

Both Day and Evening Division students will be permitted to register for a maximum of six units during Summer Session. (Students may petition the Registrar to register for more than the six units if they are enrolling in an externship and also wish to take a Summer Session course, or are attending non-overlapping Summer Session programs and otherwise meet conditions of 8.1.1…. or 8.1.3…) 

Students may not participate in more than one summer program with overlapping enrollment periods. Refer to Section 8.1.3. in the Student Handbook:

Students endeavoring to participate in more than one summer program, including Loyola Law School’s, must be sure that enrollment periods for each program run exclusive of one another – including orientation, all scheduled class meetings, and the examination period. Any overlapping enrollment periods will not be permitted. 

Students may not start work before the dates listed on the summer contract. Students may not work until the summer contract (SPIEP and/or work study) and associated paperwork have been completed and returned to the Law School Office of Student Accounts. 


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