Departmental Scholarships

Each graduate program awards it's own departmental scholarships based on financial need and merit. Some departments may require that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and a Graduate Financial Aid Application in addition to the department's Graduate Scholarship Application (located below) in order to be considered. 

Click here for additional information on how to complete the FAFSA and the Graduate Financial Aid Application. Submission instructions for each departmental grant/scholarship are included on the application.

Review the below scholarships and if you have questions about the application and/or selection process, contact the Director of your program.

Departmental Grant/Scholarship Applications

You may apply for any institutional grants/scholarships offered by the Graduate Studies Office, without filling out the FAFSA, unless the FAFSA is required by your program of study. If you are unsure how many units you will enroll in when completing the FAFSA, select at least half-time status when prompted. Complete your department's grant/scholarship application and return as instructed on the application.

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Catholic Teacher/Ministry Fund

Students who work full-time as Catholic school teachers, administrators, or parish administrators are eligible to apply. Students must submit their department's Graduate Scholarship Application with proof of employment attached (eg., last pay stub or letter from supervisor on official letterhead) in order to be considered.

Developing Countries Scholarships

Catholic clergy or members of Catholic religious orders from developing countries may apply for full tuition assistance in order to obtain one (1) master's or doctoral degree in any field of study at LMU. Interested applicants should submit a copy of their R-1 Visa to the Graduate Studies Office, along with a one (1) page statement of intent.

We invite you to email us with questions about financial assistance, and please contact the Graduate Studies Office at 310.338.2721, or, for more information.