Living Off Campus-Graduate Students


Q. How does my aid work for living off campus?

If you will be living off campus, you will only be charged direct expenses such as tuition and fees. You will not be awarded additional aid. However, you can use any grant, scholarship or loan(s) that is awarded above your costs to receive a refund. If your accepted aid does not exceed your costs and you are not eligible for a refund, you may consider increasing your loans to the maximum amount offered. Graduate Students in a degree seeking program can also borrow a PLUS Loan to help pay for education related expenses like off campus housing or you may chose to borrow through an Alternative Private Lender. When possible, we encourage students to  apply for a PLUS loan first with the Alternative loan as a last resort.

Q. Can I use my room and board awards towards off campus housing?

Room and board awards can only be used for on campus housing. The room and board components will be cancelled for recipients living off campus.

Q. I have a Graduate PLUS Loan or Alternative Private Loan, how do I proceed?

To be eligible for a refund to pay for education related expenses such as off campus housing, you may have to borrow up to your Cost of Attendance. To increase your loan(s), you can submit a Revision Request Form and complete the appropriate Loan Revision section. *Note: If you have an Alternative Private Loan, you will have to contact your lender directly to apply for an increase.

Q. I don't have enough room in my Cost of Attendance to allow me additional funding, what are my options?

You may consider submitting a Cost of Attendance Appeal if you have expenses we can consider, i.e. medical expenses, special course expenses, technology expenses.

Q. My aid has been disbursed, but I still don't have the funds in my bank account, what can I do?

To be eligible for a refund, your aid must exceed the amount of your charges, this will leave a credit on your account and will allow you to request a refund through Student Financial Services. The refund can be used to pay for living expenses off campus or any other education related expenses.

Q. Can I use my refund to pay rent before school starts?

Refunds can be used for housing, however they can’t be requested until the first day of classes. You should not anticipate your refund will be available for your first month’s rent as all aid, including loans, begins to disburse 10 days before the start of the term. Use the Federal Student Aid Budget Calculator as a tool to estimate your expenses.






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