Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Financial Aid

The summer term consists of two 6 week sessions for LMU students. Students attending one or both summer sessions may be eligible to receive financial aid to assist with costs. The LMU Financial Aid Office will begin packaging students for summer in mid-March. Students will be notified via their Lion email once their financial aid package is available. Loyola Law students should click here for specific Summer information and applicable forms. 

Students who have not submitted a FAFSA for the current academic should submit one prior to submitting a Summer Financial Aid Application. Non-LMU students who wish to apply to receive summer aid from their home institution must apply through their home school and submit a Consortium Agreement to the LMU Financial Aid Office. 

LMU considers the summer term the end of the academic school year. Therefore, your eligibility is based upon your remaining annual limits for grants and loans. Students who receive their maximum grant and/or loan eligibility during the Fall and Spring semesters may not have remaining eligibility for summer financial aid. See academic year outline below. 

2017 -2018 Academic Year

Fall term Spring termSummer term 
August 28th - December 15th January 8th - May 4th May 14th - August 3rd 


Application Process and Enrollment Requirements

  • Submit a Summer Financial Aid Application.
  • Register in the number of units you indicate on the Financial Aid application.
  • Summer is considered one term for financial aid purposes. To be eligible for summer aid students must be enrolled at least half-time both sessions combined. See enrollment requirement table below.
  • If you are enrolled less than half-time you are responsible for paying Summer Session fees by the published deadline.
  • Once you are packaged, you will receive an email notification to your Lion email address to view and accept or decline your award via PROWLPlease note that enrollment changes may result in a change to your financial aid package, including a possible grant reduction or cancelation of Federal Direct Loans.
  • You can use the Summer Revision Request form to request additional loans based on your eligibility.
  • Meet other requirements for aid eligibility (for example, maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, not be in default on student loans, not be in overpayment of a federal grant, etc.)
  • Have not filed to graduate for Spring 2018

Minimum Enrollment Requirements for Federal Aid Eligibility

Program of studyMinimum Enrollment requirement
Undergraduate 6 units (total between both sessions)
Non-Degree Credential 6 units (total between both sessions)
Graduate  3 units (total between both sessions)
Doctoral  3 units or 2 units (dissertation) 


Withdrawals and Course Change Requirements   

Policies for adding and dropping courses during the Summer term are more stringent than they are in the Fall and Spring because the Summer term consists of two sessions, while the Fall and Spring consist of one session. Dropping below half-time or dropping courses for Summer session II, after Summer session I has ended may result in a return of title IV funds or reduction of your Federal student aid. Please be aware of the policies before you enroll in summer courses.

Session Policy: 

Definition: A session course is defined as a course that does not span the entire length of the term. The summer consists of two sessions.

Withdrawals: A student is considered to have withdrawn from a session course if the student does not complete all of the days in the term he or she was scheduled to attend. In other words, if a student enrolls in both session I and session II and fails to attend session II, without dropping the courses before the last day of session I, they are considered to have withdrawn from the entire summer term. If a student drops a course in session II while still attending session I, the student is NOT considered to have withdrawn based on not attending the later session.

Recalculation: The above circumstance may require a recalculation of aid based on the change in enrollment status may be required. If federal aid has already disbursed to the student’s account, the recalculation may create a balance due. If a student withdraws, officially or unofficially, from a current session and is NOT attending any other courses at the time of the withdrawal, the student is considered withdrawn and a repayment calculation will be completed. Students who drop all session I courses but are enrolled in session II courses are required to submit written confirmation of their intent to attend those courses. This will prevent your federal aid from being returned to the Department of Education. Written confirmation should be submitted at the time of withdrawal but no later than 5 business days from the date the student was determined to be withdrawn or dropped from a course.

Please note: It is important that students who enroll in both summer sessions who think they may not attend the second session, withdrawal from session II BEFORE the last day of session I. This will prevent you from being subject to Return of Title IV funds (R2T4).

Please review the information below on the types of award and the requirements needed to receive them for Summer 2018 enrollment. Additional enrollment rules can be found in the Policies and Procedures section of our website. 

(Loyola Law students click here for Summer information and forms)